Spring 2017 student work


Chyna Barron . Dying textile or hip hop on fashion

Tuandrea Beasley  Black Art Harlem / Music / Chrous girls

Catherine Covington . 1970’s  NYC and London early Punk / music and clothing

Lala Gamez   Kiss, fashion and gender

Jaime Gonzalez Pearlies

Maya Harper   Black Arts

Milan Harper  Black Panther

Brittney Hewitt   Haight Ashbury/ music / drugs and geography

Chelsea Pearsall . Surrealism in Fashion

Rosabella Perez . Jog Bra 1970’s – 1990’s

Ashley Samson . Graffiti – more detail on time line

Hazel Sanchez   Cher


Chai In . History of the Nylon