Fashion and Feminism

What is Feminism?

“One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman”
Simone de Beauvoir .

Feminist History:

Suffragette:The Suffragette Fellowship and the Library of the London Society for Women’s Service

How Suffragette’s used fashion   Fashion Activists 


Women’s Liberation Movement (WLM), or ‘second wave feminism’, from the late 1960s that would have the greatest impact on the writing of women’s history

The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan

Women’s Movement 1960’s-70’s




National Women’s Liberation 

The Mini Skirt   Mary Quant 







Just in time to help with your research projects!!!!

The library has acquired the  The Vogue Archive.  This online resource contains the entire run  of Vogue magazine (US edition) from 1892 to the present day,  reproduced in high-resolution color page images.  More than 400,000  pages are included, constituting a treasure trove of the work from the  greatest designers, photographers, stylists, and illustrators of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.  Vogue is a unique record of American and international popular culture that extends beyond fashion.  The Vogue
Archive is an essential primary source for the study of fashion, gender,
and modern social history – past, present, and future.




Useful for subjects like:

  • Fashion history
  • Gender studies
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Photography and graphic design
  • Popular culture
  • Textiles and dress


Fear and Fashion

Democratic vs. communist / socialist

Space suit  


Frank Horvat, American Man and woman in spacesuits.  1963. Photograph 

2001 a Space Odyssey, Sir Hardy Amies Designer

SOURCE CREDIT - "British Film Institute" Reproduction of this image requires the appropriate copyright clearance. In making this image available, the bfi confers no licence to use or copy the image. All copyright clearance is the responsibility of the user. In consideration for making this image available, the user hereby agrees to indemnify the bfi against any claim or liability arising from the use of this image. The information service of the bfi National Library may be able to carry out copyright ownership research on your behalf. Fax +44 (0) 20 7436 0165 for details of services and costs. British Film Institute 21 Stephen Street London W1T 1LN Tel +44 (0) 20 7255 1444


Rudi Gernreich


clothing with Armor, 1960’s

1967 Fashion Show


Early 1970’s right after Apollo moon walk.


Paco Rabanne 

Fashion Show


1960’s metal dress


Casino Royale 1967


Barbarella costumes  Paco R and Jacques Fonteray  1968


Jane Fonda as Barbarella 1968


Roger Vadim preparing Jane Fonda’s outfit in Barbaarella 1967


Pierre Cardin – Cosmocorps





Fashion Show 1969

Fashion Show 1970


Alice Edeling: tunic and boots, metallic fabric, late 1960’s.  The Netherlands.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 9.41.18 AM




Emilio Pucci “space bubble” 1965




Andre Courreges   inventor of the mini dress





André Courrèges - Space Age (2)

1970 Fashion Video  Space age video


Gijs Bakker


Polly Magoo



Diana Dew 1967


Haus Rucker co 1967



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