Class is cancelled March 20-22

Good Morning Students, I have a family emergency and class is cancelled.  Please review the blog post about Feminism and Fashion, watch the videos, and post your Annotated Bibliographies.

We will pick up April 3 with mid-term meetings about your research and reproduction. I have made some minor changes to the meeting schedule, to allow for coordination between students who are in 3110 field trip to the Garment Workers Center. Here is the meeting schedule:

April 3

  1. Jocelyn Ochoa
  2. Maya Harper
  3. Milan Harper
  4. Tuandrea Beasley
  5. Jaime Gonzalez
  6. Evelyn Rodriguez
  7. Lala Gamez
  8. Chelsea Pearsall
  9. Cat Covington
  10. Hazel Sanchez
  11. Gem Arias
  12. Taj Jackson


April 5 (we will find a place to meet near or at the Garment Workers Center)

  1. Yesenia Garica
  2. Rosabella Perez
  3. Karen Corella
  4. Brittney Hewitt
  5. Stella Maruma
  6. Chyna Barron
  7. Katheryn Isidoro
  8. Yvonne
  9. Chai In
  10. Katelynn Michel
  11. Jelesse Fletcher


All my best

Professor Lung


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