The Dandy

Dandy: a man unduly devoted to style, neatness, and fashion in dress and appearance.

George Bryan “Beau” Brummell 

Charles Baudelaire  About a bore who claimed his acquaintance 



Oscar Wilde: Apostle of Aestheticism,” became a celebrity in America during his 1882 lecture tour, due in part to his effeminate persona.  Wilde moved into marginal (and feminine) modes of fashion, creating himself, like the aesthetic woman who was part of the “assemble of the drawing-room,” as an object d’art in aesthetic space.


Beauty at any cost: The Picture of Dorian Gray  book 1945 tailor   1973 movie  2009 trailor 

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 9.30.51 AM.png

Yankee Dandy



Black Dandyism  the black dandy crosses and re-crosses boundaries of class, gender, sexu ality, race, and nation.


The Padlock Isaac Bickerstaff 

Julius Soubise  black companion of the Duchess of Queensbury “Fashioned a social debut in his own style”  Made himself over from a black in fops clothing to a fop who was black.

Mungo Macaroi


Sartorial expression as a form of self-representation.

Bert Williams and George Walker


Second Lines  – expressing the Burlesqued Dandy




Paris is Burning 






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