Final Projects

Hello Students, you did a wonderful job on your research projects, and papers.  Thank you for all your hard work, it was a pleasure to review your papers.

Next week I will put some of your projects in the display case, and the rest of the projects will be in FA 239, Sandee (3rd floor student office) or security should be able to give you access.

Have a wonderful summer, I will be on sabbatical in the fall so see you next spring for your senior projects.



Professor Lung


Fashion at the Edge 80’s and 90s

Fashion at the Edge

Fashion at the edge:   haunting, spectacle, glamour, cruelty, disconnection, and trauma, in the 1980’s and 90’s these designers explored it all

Leigh Bowery the Legend of Leigh Bowery


Thierry Mugler  1997 S/S Haute Couture



Vivenne Westwood  Biography

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 6.05.47 PM

Worlds end fashion show – Pirate collection


Boy George


Adam Ant

Punkature Pairs, 1982

A/W 1993-94


Alexander McQueen

Nihilism 1994  Nihilism: “Life is without objective meaning, purpose, or intrinsic value.”


For his first staged runway show, Lee McQueen presented models that appeared to have been victims of a car wreck, or in the eyes of some reviewers, abuse. They walk down the runway spattered in what appears to be blood or dirt, and wear pants cut so low on the hip that they reveal the top of the models’ bottoms

Highland Rape 1995   info Highland Rape,” which introduced the world not only to the designer’s trademark bumster pants, but also to his fierce national pride. The models’ torn garments and bloodied bodies ignited a fury, but this was no endorsement of rape, it was an exploration of Scotland’s turbulent history with England.

McQ.215a, b_mcq.202.AV0

Dante 1996 Dante was shown in a candle-lit church in Spitalfields, London with a skeleton seated front row. Beauty and blasphemy were woven throughout this wide-ranging collection  AMcQ experimented with denim and Victoriana, tropes that he would return to again and again.


La Poupee 1997 The Doll. Inspired by the artist Hans Bellmer, who fetishistically rearranged toy dolls, McQueen experimented with proportion and, more disturbingly, trussed the models in various metal restraints.

McQ 'SS '97

Creating an art piece 1999 This show was inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement, and it ended with the model Shalom Harlow rotating on a turntable, wearing a white dress, being spray-painted by two industrial robots. Shalom Harlow trained as a ballerina. It is often said that the inspiration behind the collection was the dying swan



Martin Margiela Bio documentary 


FW 1992



Maison Martin Margiela - S-S 1997 Margielaform_semicouture



Hussein Chalayan

Wood Bodice



Fall/Winter 1998

Spring 1998


Spring 1999


Autumn / Winter 2000

workshopping your projects

Diagnosing and Responding to Student Writing

A‐Assignment The writing demonstrates an understanding of the expectations and requirements of the assignment.

F‐Focus The writing consistently serves a main point or arguable thesis.

O‐Organization The writing should have sections that function as a beginning, middle, and end. While not all types of writing have an introduction and conclusion, sections should build on previous information and continually return to the main points of the paper.

S‐Support The writing contains evidence that supports the main point and any argumentative claims. Some examples of support are personal anecdote, verifiable research, and logical reasoning.

P‐Proofreading The writing is “polished” and free of surface‐level errors.


Workshop teams April 19:

  1. Tuandrea
  2. Cat
  3. Chyna
  4. Brittany
  5. Ashley
  6. Hazel
  7. Chelsea
  8. Chai

Distinctly Californian: Modernism in Textiles and Fashion

California sportswear industry grew from modest beginnings in 1930 into a mass-market fashion leader in men’s wear and a strong player in women’s wear.

“What Makes a fabric modern? Essentially that it is created in terms of today, with materials of today, within a whole set of conditioning factors.  Chief of these are function, architecture, and related textures”.

Dorothy Wright Liebes, 1939

Color is magic elixir  – the Liebes look

Good design for ordinary people



Maria Kipp  Small batch handcraft producer




Trude Guermonprez

Studied with Bauhaus trained Benita Otte and with with Ani Albers at Black Mountain College.  Taught CA college of Crafts (Art)



Ed Rossbach 


Bernard Kester 



Katherine Westphal 


Barney M Reid for Reidart 


California Modern C.jpg

Elza Sunderland 


Lydia Van Gelder 


Charles and Ray Eames for Schiffer Prints  TED TALK


Levis Strauss 















Class is cancelled March 20-22

Good Morning Students, I have a family emergency and class is cancelled.  Please review the blog post about Feminism and Fashion, watch the videos, and post your Annotated Bibliographies.

We will pick up April 3 with mid-term meetings about your research and reproduction. I have made some minor changes to the meeting schedule, to allow for coordination between students who are in 3110 field trip to the Garment Workers Center. Here is the meeting schedule:

April 3

  1. Jocelyn Ochoa
  2. Maya Harper
  3. Milan Harper
  4. Tuandrea Beasley
  5. Jaime Gonzalez
  6. Evelyn Rodriguez
  7. Lala Gamez
  8. Chelsea Pearsall
  9. Cat Covington
  10. Hazel Sanchez
  11. Gem Arias
  12. Taj Jackson


April 5 (we will find a place to meet near or at the Garment Workers Center)

  1. Yesenia Garica
  2. Rosabella Perez
  3. Karen Corella
  4. Brittney Hewitt
  5. Stella Maruma
  6. Chyna Barron
  7. Katheryn Isidoro
  8. Yvonne
  9. Chai In
  10. Katelynn Michel
  11. Jelesse Fletcher


All my best

Professor Lung